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The system Calendar Dobirka allows one:

To view the calendar for any year or the calendar for a month of any year.

To view the calendar of Moon phases for a month.

To view the Orthodox church calendar for any year. The calendar shows the main Orthodox holidays and events: Easter, the beginning of Lent, etc.

To create a "Personal Calendar", where you can mark your events, make notes. Events are divided into several groups. Each group will be depicted in the calendar by its own recognizable icon.

To make a "Personal Calendar" available for anyone (you will get the address of the page to access). The page will have your name and will be indexed by search engines.

To connect our server via secure connection https, which will protect your data on the way to our server.

To place a "Personal Calendar" on your website or blog (you will get html-code to insert into your site). You can change the width of the calendar, so it can be conveniently located in the chosen place of your page.

The website is in Russian, Ukrainian, English and allows to connect any language. To do this, anyone have to send us a line by line translation of one of the language files: EN

At the moment the system is in test mode. Therefore, small errors and omissions can take place. We are searching, correcting, refining.

Our contact:

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